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What is a Food Bank?

By definition, a Food Bank is a not-for-profit clearinghouse that collects, stores and distributes useable surplus food to non-profit organizations, not individuals, who in turn, provide the foods to the people they serve. We utilize a warehouse with both dry and cold storage, trucks and a full-time staff. The Food Bank helps stop the waste of useable food by distributing it to the needy. Donated foods may come from over-production, underweight products, mislabeled containers, outdated products, improperly coded packages, partially damaged goods, discontinued lines, over-stocked merchandise, farm surplus or other sources. Additionally, we receive assistance nationally from the efforts of our Feeding America national network of 205 Food Banks who work with large manufacturers across the country to secure large donations from major manufacturers such as Kraft, Campbell, or Newman's Own..

Among the Feeding America network are the12 Food Banks that comprise the membership of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks. Our association works with growers throughout the state to eliminate waste and provide nutritional foods to member food banks through the Ohio Agricultural Surplus Program. Under this arrangement, crops, typically plowed under in the past because they had no need in the marketplace, are harvested and delivered to food banks for hungry Ohoians. Farmers do not profit, only receive compensation for their costs to provide the products. In many cases, this represents a nutritional source of food many people have to overlook when stretching their available food dollars. The Association also lobbies on behalf of the network and keeps statewide attention on the important issue of Hunger.

How does the Food Bank work?

We collect and distribute food to our three county service area. Food producers, brokers, wholesalers, retailers and community food drives all participate in directing food to us. A 1976 tax law allows many of these sources to write off the entire cost plus half of their markup for donations to the Food Bank. Products can be delivered to our warehouse or we can schedule a pickup at the convenience of the donor. Non-profit agencies that receive products from us are able to conduct their feeding programs in a cost-effective manner, since no donated food is ever sold by the Food Bank or by receiving agencies. Participating agencies support the Food Bank operations through a shared-maintenance fee, based on the pounds of food they receive.


Who uses the collected food?

Annually, approximately 4 million pounds of food are shared with over 100 local feeding programs. We only distribute food to not-for-profit organizations such as food pantries, soup kitchens, group feeders such as qualifying children's programs or emergency shelters, most of which are faith-based.  Our particular service area covers Clark, Champaign, and Logan Counties in Ohio.  Eleven other Ohio food banks cover the remaining 85 counties of the state.


For more information call (937) 323-6507 and learn how you can help!

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The Project Jericho Mural

In the spring of 2009, a collaboration between the Second Harvest Food Bank, Feeding America, and Project Jericho was formed to transform an old unused maintenance building on the corner of our lot into a landmark mural for the city. The eight vignettes depict the stages of the food bank operation as it addressed hunger in the community. Across the top of each section are the core values of the organization. Adorning the top are 27 flags, 9 US and 18 Feeding America. If you haven't seen it, the location is the corner of Murray and East Columbia at the split of state 4 and 40. To view the project from start to finish click HERE !

Commodity Supplemental Food Program

This program was established as a Federal food and nutrition program for seniors. Distribution of a FREE 40 pound box of food to income eligible seniors is scheduled once a month.  All participants are preregistered in their respective county for participation.  Distribution sites and contact information for each County is posted to the Service Center pages listed in the index (above and to the left on this page).

C.S.F.P. Registration Guidelines

  • Must be 60 years or older
  • Resides in Clark, Champaign, or Logan County
  • Show proof of age, income and residency
  • Income Guidelines are as follows:

          1 person   - $1,174 or less per month
          2 persons - $1,579 or less per month
          3 persons - $1,984 or less per month
          4 persons - $2,389 or less per month (each additional add $405 per)

Open enrollment is again taking place.  If you are not currently receiving the commodities, call the office in your county listed above and sign up!

Your Food Bank Staff

Keith Williamson - Regional Director
Jeffery Miller -
Director of Operations
Thalia Laventzis -
Agency Relations
Fredia Jefferis -
Inventory Control Specialist
Chantal Battin -
Product Expansion Specialist
Aaron Neeld -
Facilities Management
Brad Yowler - 
Warehouse Forklift Operator
Ryan Cohn, David Scearce -
Truck Drivers
Anna Plataniotis - 
Events & Educational Outreach
Kimberly Grandinette -
SNAP Outreach
Linda Cline -
Grant Writer

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